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Welcome to 3 Sixty Training.

3 Sixty Training is dedicated to educating citizens and fire service personnel with common sense information sharing.  Our goal is teach what we know, learn from our students, and develop leaders along the way. 

For the General Public and Private Businesses or Groups, we offer top notch First Aid, CPR, and Portable Fire Extinguisher Training classes. Please visit the Class List tab at the top of this page for more information.

For Fire Service personnel... 

Train like you fight; fight like you train - Captain Jon Cahill

Whether you're a firefighter, a company officer, a training officer, or a chief, everyone benefits from their personal drive to become better at their job. Being average is not good enough in the fire service and because you’re visiting a training website like this, it appears that you would agree.

3 Sixty Training instructors deliver quality education and experiences in a professional, detailed, and thought provoking manner. We are a growing network of instructors from various fire service backgrounds that have a common goal; to Teach, Learn, and Develop Leaders.

Please check out this site to see what we can offer you and your department.  Thank you for visiting!

Paul Strong

_________________________________________________________________________________________________Fire Engineering Magazine

Click here to read the article in March 2013 Fire Engineering on RIT for REAL by Paul Strong.


FDIC 2014 was a great success!

The conference was great! Great classes, great networking, great people. I presented RIC for REAL on Thursday and it went very well. Thank you for all the awesome feedback on your critiques. I learned from my audience as well. What more can you ask for!!  
Random Reference

The fire service has a strength that doubles as a weakness; the team concept. There is no argument about how a team in the fire service can be very effective and successful. The weakness of the team is that it gives each individual the opportunity to hide their personal weaknesses under the team umbrella. Not all fire service members take advantage of this opportunity, but all fire service members have the opportunity to be honest about their weaknesses. Be honest with your skills and performance because excellence is found in openness, not bravado.  

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